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Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

Bildschirmfoto 2013-01-11 um 18.44.22

An illuminated flower in Ireland – one of the first shots of mine that got me into photography. It was a sunny day, only the background is slightly edited. I love the different shades here, they add a mysterious character to the flower.

It reminds me of the dependency of mankind on light. And it’s influence is often underestimated. Especially at this time of the year when we crave for spring: Who doesn’t feel better on the first days of sunshine? Our mood often depends on light, on its intensity, its position and its colour (warm or cold).

Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons


I took these photos some weeks ago, on the day of the first snowfall this winter. Autumn is still there and the colour-explosion of the leaves fights the white cold. The little deck-chair looks lost now. But it will only hibernate a few months until spring recovers.

As I am not a fan of extremes, I prefer autumn and spring to winter or summer. My perfect weather is not suitable for bathing nor skiing. It’s the in-between-seasons I love.